Optima Plaza has taken care of the customers safety

Optima Plaza takes care of its tenants, so we have cleaned all sidewalks and paths in a timely manner. Therefore, we have safe for both pedestrians and drivers.

Optima Plaza has confirmed the BREEAM In-Use International certification

Optima Plaza has confirmed the BREEAM In-Use International certification and raised the rating to Very Good. The certificate of the "green" building confirms that thanks to the implemented technologies in the business center (heat recovery, solar panels) it is possible to reduce tenants` utility costs, create comfortable conditions for their work and reduce the negative impact to the environment. BREEAM In-Use is a method of environmental assessment of buildings, developed by the British organization BRE Global.

Optima Plaza offers two free months of lease to IT companies from Belarus

 Business Park, which includes three office centers in Lviv, joins the support of the "Жыве Беларусь!!" Campaign. From September this year, for IT companies that want to move to work in Ukraine, the business park is ready to provide two free months of rent.

Discounts on office rent

A great opportunity to get a comfortable and presentable office for your business. Promotional period for signing lease agreements in the business center of class A "Optima Plaza". When signing a lease agreement, we provide a 20% discount until the end of the year!

20% discount on parking spaces at BP

From July 1 all tenants of office space at BP "Optima Plaza" can rent a parking space with a discount of 20%. All parking lots are guarded. In the business center at 7D Naukova Street, a car number is scanned at the entrance to the car park. For cycling owners, the business center is equipped with free parking spaces, which are also guarded.

A new catering facility will be open in the business center

The new catering facility is owned by AppFood. AppFood has an unusual concept - ordering dishes without a cashier. All you need to order lunch is your smartphone. There you can see the menu, order, and pay. Order time can be tracked on the gadget screen.

Certificate BREEAM In-Use International 2019

Certificate BREEAM In-Use International 2019

The Modern Humidifier`s been installed in BC

For a comfortable work of the company`s employees, a modern humidifier «OptiMist» has been installed in the business center. After all, humidity is a very important factor affecting the state of health, and therefore the productivity of work.  "We have established a system of humidification and cooling of air, through which the water is sprayed in the form of tiny droplets, which instantly evaporate, taking away heat from the air, moisturizing and cooling it simultaneously", - said the deputy director of technical issues Maxim Kuzmyk. According to him, this humidifier can be used as a system of direct cooling and humidification in the central air conditioner, as well as a system of indirect cooling and humidifying dry air to improve the energy efficiency of the central air conditioner.

European Property Awards

Lviv Business Center has got the award in one of the most prestigious international real estate prizes European Property Awards. BC "Optima Plaza" won in the category Office Development. The office building was evaluated by a group of 80 independent experts.

Certificate BREEAM In-Use International

Certificate BREEAM In-Use International


Business Center `Optima Plaza` (address is Lviv, Naukova, 7D) has got the two nominations of the Eastern Europe Award 2017: INNOVATIVE GREEN BUILDING OF THE YEAR and the OFFICE PROJECT OF THE YEAR. The ceremony EE Real Estate Awards was held on November 23rd. This is one of the largest events in real estate in Eastern Europe and the CIS. More than 200 companies participated in it!

Office complex BC ‘Optima Plaza’ got the BREEAM In-Use International certificate

Office complex BC ‘Optima Plaza’ which is located in Lviv at the Naukova Street got the BREEAM In-Use International certificate. It was the first time when Ukrainian building has received such award. It achieved a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ (four stars) rating. Regarding of using an alternative energy (solar panels) and air isolation of the building, which was tested with a special Blower Door test, there is a significant energy saving. The office complex also uses energy-efficient technologies, such as water-efficient plumbing, LED lighting, microclimate in the offices, detailed energy inventory. BREEAM In-Use International is an assessment method which assists property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to drive sustainable improvements through operational efficiency, including how to continually manage the operation of their building effectively.

Promotion for Residents of BC `Optima Plaza`

Since July 1 the special conditions for the cardholders of the BC `Optima Plaza` will operate in Khinkali on Naukova street, 51. Make the order more than 200 hryvnyas and receive a tasting set as a present: 4 khinkali (classic with greens, lamb, cheese, and vegetables). If you want to visit the restaurant, then just show the waiter your card "Optima Plaza", and also get a gift.

Pupils from school ‘Nadiya’ visited BC ‘Optima Plaza’

Deputy Director in technical issues Kuzmyk Maxim told the students about a peculiarity of "green building." He showed and explained the principles of working the solar panels, a chiller with heat pumps, climate control system and charging stations for electric vehicles. "With this tour, we explained in simple terms the concept of system efficiency and "green" buildings," - told the director of the school "Nadiya" Irina Hmil. BC "Optima Plaza" thanks to the head of school and pupils for their interest and enthusiasm. We are pleased that in Lviv have been raising such intelligent and socially conscious children.

The winner of the contest from BC

Lyudmyla Hlavach became a winner of the contest from the business center "Optima Plaza". It was held among subscribers our page in facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OptimaPlazaLviv/.). Lyudmyla has got an annual appointment Classic + (with swimming pool) in a fitness club Sport Life. More than 1000 people took part in this contest. The winner was chosen via website http://www.random.org/. Thank you for your participation!

The video about the construction of the office complex

Here you can see how our office complex was being built. On 15 May 2015 year the building started. And just in the year and a half, the first renter began his work here.

The First International Award

The First International Award

The modern water treatment has been installed

In the office complex BC "Optima Plaza" has been installed a modern water treatment (cleaning system DFU- 2162 SE-125 Duplex). This cleaning system is the perfect way to improve water quality and reducing hardness, content of iron and manganese.

Office complex has been awarded in the international contest

1The office complex with parking BC "Optima Plaza" has got the special award in the international contest "Crystal brick" for the best building investment on both sides of the eastern border of Europe. The category is the "Objects of public use." The ceremony took place in Lublin on December 9. International contest "Crystal brick" is conducted by the organizing committee of the Polish Housing Society (branch in the city Lublin). Participation is open to construction companies which objects meet international standards of quality, design, architecture and engineering solutions.  

The club "Sports Life" was opened

Today in our office center was officially opened a fitness club called ’Sport Life’. The club is located on the second floor of the office center on the street Naukova, 7D in Lviv. The advantages of this club are studio group programs and gym. "This is our 49-th club in Ukraine and fourth in Lviv. We are going to open 7 clubs in Lviv. It is nice to rent space in this building because everything is made according to modern technologies and of high-quality materials, "- said Dmitry Ekimov, the founder of the company Sport Life. "This office complex has been built according to green technologies. There are energy efficient lightings, solar collectors on the roof and also there is the chiller with heat recovery. - said Vitaly Lomakovych, an investor."

There were installed three EV chargers

Near new office center were installed three EV chargers, that’s why clients of the BC ‘Optima Plaza‘ will be able to charge their electric cars for free. Without any doubts, the presence of free EV chargers and safe parking for bicycles will stimulate our clients to buy the ecological type of vehicle.

The Office Complex is commissioned

It’s a pleasure to inform you that our office complex with parking was commissioned. Its general area is 18 800 m2. More than 60% area has been already reserved. Very soon the office complex will be opened!

The bistro ‘Smachni sezony’ is opened

7th September began its work bistro ‘Smachni sezony’ in the new office center. In the new office complex class A before official opening left only 40% free squares. Some companies even began its work. That’s why bistro immediately was filled by office workers.