Naukova 7D

Eight-built office complex has a big parking zone. All offices have a system of protection from sunlight.

Ventilation. Conditioning
The climate control system, installed in the buildings, provides year-round control and regulation of the temperature of air supply individually for each certain room. At entrance zones are created air veils.

Heating system
The heating system is provided by a central heating system.

Water supply
Water supply system is connected to the city network. Cold water is available 24 hours a day. Hot water is provided by solar collectors.

The buildings are equipped with digital telephone connection, high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi system.
The configuration of office communication, LAN, and access to all other telecommunication resources is carried out in full according to the requirements and needs of users.

Power supply
It conforms to the second category of supply.
In the case of emergency outages, there is a modern diesel generator «Doosan».